Protoaculous 1.9.0 Minified

I used to download the updated versions of protoaculous from Prototype Core Google Group. Recently, Google announced that the Files section of the Google Groups will be deprecated. Also, nobody has been updating the copy of protoaculous in that group (or anywhere else on the public google-searched internet for that matter).

The instructions to create it are really simple and so you can do it yourself. You can read them at Boog Design.

For the lazy (like me), here’s the minified version of Prototype.js 1.7.0 (using the new Sizzle CSS Selector Engine – v1.0) + Scriptaculous 1.9.0:

Coral CDN
Cached version (similar to versions):

Other info
Size of Prototype.js + Scriptaculous = 287,939 bytes
Size of Protoaculous.js Minified = 168,754 bytes

Packed: prototype.js + scriptaculous.js + builder.js + effects.js + dragdrop.js + controls.js + slider.js + sound.js

5 thoughts on “Protoaculous 1.9.0 Minified”

  1. > Also, nobody has been updating the copy of protoaculous in that group

    Sorry – the project I was using protoaculous on stopped getting actively developed so I didn’t update it after that. Glad the instructions were easy enough to follow 🙂

  2. I have implemented this, JS works ok, however CSS fails to render (even though i can see it was pulled in if i look at the webpage source) – css part disabled and standard css reference used

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