Install ShabadOS on Windows 10

As of December 2018, latest version of ShabadOS doesn’t come packaged as a binary/executable to install in Windows or any other OS. You must use the steps below.

If node/npm is missing on command line:

  • Install Chocolatey
  • Optional
    • In administrative shell (same thing used above to install chocolate), run choco install chocolateygui
    • Run chocolateygui
  • Install nvm Chocolatey (or the GUI).
  • nvm install 10.14.5

To install ShabadOS

  • In “elevated” command prompt, run npm i -g --production windows-build-tools --vs2015
    • Be very patient!
    • Using the vs2015 allows us to be able to install sqlite3, which doesn’t work with the newest version of windows-build-tools (vs2017).
  • git clone ShabadOS-desktop
  • cd ShabadOS-desktop
  • npm install
  • npm run dev to run on default development port 3000.
    • NOTE: npm run pack or npm run dist do not work.


  • To get a Windows shortcut for this. Create a .bat file with contents:
cd ShabadOS-desktop
set PORT=42424 # i.e. the port you want it to run on. 3000 is useful enough to keep for your daily development needs.
npm run dev

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