Django on CentOS Python 2.6 VirtualEnv Using GeekyMedia RPMs

Django on centos geekymedia

for setuptools (easy_install):

easy_install *setuptools*

use it to install pip:
easy_install pip

download MySQLdb and install by:
python26 build
python26 install

download virtualenv
mkdir ~/.virtualenvs

add to .bashrc
source /usr/bin/

initialize virtualenv
mkdir dev
virtualenv dev

Start virtualenv for current session
source dev/bin/activate

now install packages, they will go inside virtualenv (since we are activated)
pip install django
pip install south
pip install pil

Create django project and app
cd dev/ startproject myproj
cd myproj
python startapp polls

Install Python 2.6 on CentOS 5.x

Steps to success:

  1. Download all the Python 2.6 rpm for your CentOS (i386 or x86_64) from geekymedia.
  2. Install tcl, tk, tix (required dependencies): yum -y install tcl tk tix
  3. Install the geekymedia rpms.

    Note that the python26-libs-2.6-geekymedia1.*.rpm and python26-2.6-geekymedia1.*.rpm must be installed together like this rpm -Uvh python26-libs-2.6-geekymedia1.*.rpm python26-2.6-geekymedia1.*.rpm. Similarly, *tools* and *tkinter* rpm must be installed together like this rpm -Uvh *tools*rpm *tkinter*rpm.

Yum update stops resolving dependencies for clamav-server

On my CentOS/VirtualMin server configured for RPMForge, I wanted to run yum update, but I was getting the following errors while resolving dependencies for the clam* packages (you can list them by typing: rpm -qa | grep clam.

clamav-server-sysv-0.96-1.vm.el5.i386 from installed has depsolving problems
--> Missing Dependency: clamav-server = 0.96-1.vm.el5 is needed by package clamav-server-sysv-0.96-1.vm.el5.i386 (installed)
Error: Missing Dependency: clamav-server = 0.96-1.vm.el5 is needed by package clamav-server-sysv-0.96-1.vm.el5.i386 (installed)

I’ve had this problem on other servers where I had simply ignored it. But it was getting too much. So I researched and found the following solution working perfectly.


  1. Remove the clam rpms without removing the dependencies (virtualmin-base) by typing: rpm --nodeps -e clamav-0.96-1.vm.el5 and rpm --nodeps -e clamav-server-sysv-0.96-1.vm.el5.
  2. Run yum update

And voila, I get the following:

Dependencies Resolved

 Package                                                  Arch                                    Version                                            Repository                                 Size
 clamav                                                   i386                                    0.96.4-1.el5.rf                                    rpmforge                                  2.2 M
     replacing  clamav-lib.i386 0.96-1.vm.el5

 clamav-db                                                i386                                    0.96.4-1.el5.rf                                    rpmforge                                   25 M
     replacing  clamav-update.i386 0.96-1.vm.el5

 clamd                                                    i386                                    0.96.4-1.el5.rf                                    rpmforge                                  233 k
     replacing  clamav-server.i386 0.96-1.vm.el5

Another solution: I have had servers that had conflicts even on the yum update, because maybe dependent packages came from conflicting repos. Specifically, clamav dependencies of rpmforge conflicted with clamav dependencies of virtualmin. To solve this, I ran: yum --disablerepo=* --enablerepo=virtualmin install clamav clamav-filesystem clamav-data clamav-lib

Loaded plugins: fastestmirror
Loading mirror speeds from cached hostfile
Setting up Install Process
Resolving Dependencies
--> Running transaction check
---> Package clamav.x86_64 0:0.96.5-1.vm.el5 set to be updated
---> Package clamav-data.x86_64 0:0.96.5-1.vm.el5 set to be updated
---> Package clamav-filesystem.x86_64 0:0.96.5-1.vm.el5 set to be updated
---> Package clamav-lib.x86_64 0:0.96.5-1.vm.el5 set to be updated
--> Finished Dependency Resolution

Dependencies Resolved

 Package                               Arch                       Version                             Repository                      Size
 clamav                                x86_64                     0.96.5-1.vm.el5                     virtualmin                     934 k
 clamav-data                           x86_64                     0.96.5-1.vm.el5                     virtualmin                      25 M
 clamav-filesystem                     x86_64                     0.96.5-1.vm.el5                     virtualmin                      18 k
 clamav-lib                            x86_64                     0.96.5-1.vm.el5                     virtualmin                     4.4 M

Transaction Summary
Install       4 Package(s)
Upgrade       0 Package(s)

Total download size: 31 M
Is this ok [y/N]: y
Downloading Packages:
(1/4): clamav-filesystem-0.96.5-1.vm.el5.x86_64.rpm                                                                 |  18 kB     00:00     
(2/4): clamav-0.96.5-1.vm.el5.x86_64.rpm             (0%) 17% [=======                                   ]  0.0 B/s | 160 kB     --:-- ETA 
(3/4): clamav-lib-0.96.5-1.vm.el5.x86_64.rpm         (3%)  3% [=-                                        ]  0.0 B/s | 168 kB     --:-- ETA 
(4/4): clamav-data-0.96.5-1.vm.el5.x86_64.rpm       (17%)  0% [                                          ]  0.0 B/s |  40 kB     --:-- ETA 
Total                                                                                                      914 kB/s |  31 MB     00:34     
Running rpm_check_debug
Running Transaction Test
Finished Transaction Test
Transaction Test Succeeded
Running Transaction
  Installing     : clamav-filesystem                                                                                                   1/4 
  Installing     : clamav-data                                                                                                         2/4 
  Installing     : clamav-lib                                                                                                          3/4 
  Installing     : clamav                                                                                                              4/4 

  clamav.x86_64 0:0.96.5-1.vm.el5            clamav-data.x86_64 0:0.96.5-1.vm.el5        clamav-filesystem.x86_64 0:0.96.5-1.vm.el5       
  clamav-lib.x86_64 0:0.96.5-1.vm.el5 

Along with the above solution, you must remember to disable the conflicting repository. In this case, rpmforge. If rpmforge ever has a newer version of one of the clamav packages, and anyone runs yum update, the dependencies will again stop resolving (because rpmforge and virtualmin repositories do not have a symbiotic relationship). To disable rpmforge, edit /etc/yum.repos.d/rpmforge.repo and add/replace enabled=0 to the [rpmforge] section. Also note, that anytime you want to explicitly use rpmforge, you can do yum --disablerepo=* --enablerepo=rpmforge (or if you want to use it in conjunction with other enabled repositories, remove the –disablerepo flag).