Can’t disable phone number contact in LinkedIn job interests

LinkedIn has over the years done some shady stuff. Baiting customers to share their phone contact details repeatedly is something I’ll never forget. Or, maybe they won’t let me forget, since they still nag me every now and then.

Recently, I marked my profile to only receive Job Interests in specific field/roles. I was tired of receiving invitations/offers that I would have to politely refuse.

Problem is that once you mark your yourself for “Get contacted by phone” and put your phone number in the input box. I know, my fault for clicking through without reading. There is no way to remove it or save an empty field (i.e. no way to overwrite it). They require that you provide another phone number in its place. Yet in their help pages, they erroneously suggest to just uncheck the “Contact me via phone” checkbox: Uhh, yeah that’s not how dark patterns work. 


Get a fake phone number for verification from Verify it through the LinkedIn page for Job Interests. Boom! Recruiters will be calling some useless phone number. Sorry for wasting your time, but I have no choice to save my sanity from cold calls.

Note: number did not work for me.

Avoiding PageKite limit on requests

PageKite proxy accounts may at times experience dropping connections. When using Pagekite as a callback for a service, it sometimes rejects connections with a failure like the following pasted. If you notice it says rejected=ips_per_sec, this means we’re facing throttling. Please note that the PageKite cli command is usually reporting “<< [flying] Kites are flying and all is well.”, while this error happens, so there is no chance that it is a problem with the machine running pagekite client.

There is a limit placed on all accounts to tackle spam and phishing. Email PageKite support to put your premium/paying account on the unthrottled list, so that you can avoid this artificial limit.

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<frame target="_top" src=";where=FE&amp;proto=http&amp;;relay=::ffff:;rejected=ips_per_sec" />
<h1>Sorry! (fe)</h1>
<p>The HTTP
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<b></b> is unavailable at the moment.
<p>Please try again later.</p>
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More details about why this change was made can be found on the PageKite blog.