Avoiding PageKite limit on requests

PageKite proxy accounts may at times experience dropping connections. When using Pagekite as a callback for a service, it sometimes rejects connections with a failure like the following pasted. If you notice it says rejected=ips_per_sec, this means we’re facing throttling. Please note that the PageKite cli command is usually reporting “<< pagekite.py [flying] Kites are flying and all is well.”, while this error happens, so there is no chance that it is a problem with the machine running pagekite client.

There is a limit placed on all accounts to tackle spam and phishing. Email PageKite support to put your premium/paying account on the unthrottled list, so that you can avoid this artificial limit.

<frameset cols="*">
<frame target="_top" src="https://pagekite.net/offline/?&amp;where=FE&amp;proto=http&amp;domain=YOURACCOUNT.pagekite.me&amp;relay=::ffff:;rejected=ips_per_sec" />
<h1>Sorry! (fe)</h1>
<p>The HTTP
<a href="https://pagekite.net/">
</a> for
<b>YOURACCOUNT.pagekite.me</b> is unavailable at the moment.
<p>Please try again later.</p>
<!--  -->

More details about why this change was made can be found on the PageKite blog.

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