Profile Visitors 4.1 Mod for SMF 2.0

Profile Visitors mod description:

This modifications logs the visitors for all members’ profile with the time of their last visit. Additionally it gives you the ability to see the total visit count for the profile.

Version 4.1

At last, version 4.1, which is an SMF 2.0 only package is released. This version does not log 20, but all visitors of a user. Also it keeps the total visit count for each visitor and total visit count for each profile.

It, as usual, has own/any profile view option and improved remove visitor permissions. Also it includes “Avoid logging permission”, which allows users to select if they want to be logged or not. User can set it from “Look and Layout” area of their profile.

And some bad news… There won’t be any updates for the SMF 1.x version, but I’ll continue supporting that too.

-Blue Dream

This mod is one of the most requested features on my social networking site, Punjabi Janta. So when I went to look for the mod (, I noticed that the mod coder, [SiNaN], had ended development for a lot of his mods. A couple of users reuploaded the mod to the forum on user’s requests, but moderators were quick to remove it claiming that mods can’t be distributed without owner’s permission.

Anyhow, I had requested a copy from MasterD, and he was helpful in sharing it with me. Here’s an archived copy of it, you won’t find it on Simple Machine’s Forum.


PS: The Profile.template.php edit may fail. Just replace the leading spaces with tabs on the following lines:

      <div id="detailedinfo">
         <div class="windowbg2">   

Edit June 4, 2011: Here’s the edited version to work with SMF 2.0 with the above fix: ProfileVisitors4.1-IPS

8 thoughts on “Profile Visitors 4.1 Mod for SMF 2.0”

  1. Thx for it – tested it in my testforum ( – it works.
    Any idea to get it implemented in Ultimate Profile?
    cheers, Inti31

  2. @Inti31

    In Themes/default/UltimateProfile.template.php:

    1. Add the 'profilevisitors' to one of the $column_layouts.

    2. Add the following function somewhere:

    function up_block_profilevisitors() {
            global $context, $settings, $txt;
            if ($context['can_pv_view'])
                    echo ' 
                    <div id="up_profilevisitors">
                            <h3 class="catbg">
                                    <span class="left"></span>
                                    <img src="', $settings['images_url'], '/icons/profile_sm.gif" alt="" class="icon" />
                                    ', $txt['pv_title'], '
                            <div class="windowbg creator">
                                    <span class="topslice"><span></span></span>
                                    <div class="content">';
                    // Time to display the lucky guys...
                                    <span class="botslice"><span></span></span>     
  3. I’m sorry if I’m sound dumb, but I really can’t make the mode work with the Ultimate profile mod. Could someone maybe provide me with the solution?

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