DholCutz Bhangra Radio iPhone OS App v1

DholCutz Bhangra Radio iOS App is out now! Get it from the Apple App Store.

This is the same application as the Android App for DholCutz Bhangra Radio I blogged about a few days earlier. So check out the screenshots on that page.

Note: The apps were made on the same day, but due to the approval processes for the Android Market and iOS AppStore being vastly different (1 day as opposed to 2 weeks, respectively), they have been published online on different dates.

5 thoughts on “DholCutz Bhangra Radio iPhone OS App v1”

  1. Sat Sri Akal ji,

    Thank you for reporting. The problem has been fixed. Try the “Play” button again.

    DholCutz Bhangra Radio

  2. I keep trying everything to make hear this radio station.. but nothing works. The vlc codec given in the website is no good either. WHen I open with VLC it keeps asking me for HTTP authetication to get access to the radio stations.. wtf?

    Can you fix it? … it’s obvious why you only have 9 listeners everyday.

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