How to install stbemu pro on Fire TV 4k?

It was tough piecing together all the instructions to install stbemu pro on Fire TV 4k. Here’s my current working process:

  1. Install stbemu pro apk. Several ways:
    1. Easiest: Download from Aptoide.
      1. NOTE for 4k Firestick (or maybe never devices): You must use 1.1.7 (which is not on the above Aptoide link). Download from modapkdown or
    2. Download from random sites using google. Good luck!
    3. Extract it yourself. 🙂
  2. Enable Settings > Device > Developer options > Unknown sources > ON.
  3. Enable Settings > Device > Developer options > ADB > ON.
  4. Find IP of Fire TV. It will look like 192.168.X.X. Two ways:
    1. Check the router for amazon-HASH device’s IP address.
    2. Open Fire TV’s About > Network to look for IP address field.
  5. Install ADBlink for PC or MAC.
  6. Open ADBlink, put your IP address in the field, and hit Connect.
    1. NOTE: You will need to accept this connection on the Fire TV. You should see a popup there.
  7. Once connected, choose “Install APK” from buttons. Select the APK downloaded in step #1.
  8. Finally, your app icon may not show on the home screen. Follow this tutorial. Steps outlined below:
    1. Choose Settings > Applications > Manage Installed Applications > App Store > Force stop, Clear data, Clear cache one after another.
    2. Choose Settings > My Account > Sync Amazon Content.
  9. You should have an icon under “Your apps and games” section for stbemu.
    1. It may be at the end. Here’s how to bring it front:
      1. Highlight stbemu icon. Choose options button on remote and “Move to front”.
  10. Protip: Make stbemu run on Fire 4k boot.

26 thoughts on “How to install stbemu pro on Fire TV 4k?”

  1. If i come out of stb, then go back, ir shows black screen and do not reloqd the contents. What could be the issue?

  2. Hi, can anyone recommend any performance tweaks for the STBEMU 1.1.7 version linked above on Firestick 4K? Some IPTV channels are buffering or freezing.
    I realize this could be the service itself but wanted to rule out any performance tweaks I may have missed. E.g. Under Advanced Settings, using Hardware Acceleration now and seems better. What about the media player?

    Thanks a lot

    • Hello can you please tell me the URL for stbemu pro 1.1.7 version. I have a firestick 4k and don’t the URL to download it using the downloader. Thanks a lot Jacob

  3. How can install stb emulator on fire tv box, I try but when I opened it closed itself, I doesn’t run , wont open at all, any advice!!!!

  4. Installed on Fire TV and Fire Stick 1st Gen OK
    But on the Stick 4K after install and setup of portal etc, it loads then stops straight away.

  5. Hi,

    I have installed the STB EMU Pro in my fire tv. After installation done, I have completed the profile set ups. Mac address also activated. I have restarted my tv. When I opened the stb app it is showing only black screen. I can access the menu but unable to see any picture on the app. Just a black screen.

    Please help.


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