Photoshop: Saved Gif Turns Red When Adding Text

Sometimes you search something on google, and the most trivial answers do not show up. So I figured as a self reminder, I’ll post this here.

Does your background turn to a red tint when you add text to a GIF image saved as a PSD?
Well, do this to fix:

Open the .GIF in Photoshop. Covert the image to RGB (Image > Mode > RGB). Gifs are Indexed color and need to be converted to RGB. You’ll then be able to add layers and edit…then save as .PSD. or whatever format you choose.

1 thought on “Photoshop: Saved Gif Turns Red When Adding Text”

  1. Hello,
    The only times that I post on any threads is when Google has proven to yield no pertinent information that I am looking for.

    When I open any file type (psd, tif, jpeg) after it’s initial creation and attempt to add text the entire screen goes red. I can add text, but it is a weird text that has some flashing thing going on. The text that I can add does not appear in or as any layer, so I can not edit later (when saved), and the text appears if I type it, even after I think I have removed it. Super frustrating!

    Alos, I tried removing it with the marque tool, which worked, but then the marque can not be deleted, and I can not make any edits to the area where that tool was used. (?!?!?!?)

    Help! LOL

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