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  1. I noticed that you had posted a question on google groups about appengine backends giving you “503, Please try after 30 seconds messages”.

    I was wondering if you resolved this issue. Facing the same problem, no luck yet.

    Could you email me at jeswinpk@agilehead.com if you have any pointers? Thanks in advance.

  2. sat shiri akaal inderpreet singh ji , This is sukhpal from india /australia i have seen few app in android market created by you and i owner of f w2c.in free community wap site provider so for w2c.in i am looking a browser app in j2me ( dot jar for java phones and dot apk for android devices ) like people open facebook in same browser not device browser i know how to build bookmark type j2me app and convert into .apk etc but i am looking a proper aap which will able to open my site in it instead send user to default browser so can you make such app ? i could provide you anything if we need a proxy client etc from server side etc so i hope you will reply me back as you think thanks


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