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Contact me for any ColdFusion, Python, PHP, MySQL, iPhone/Android mobile application work or project proposals.

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  1. Hello Inderpreet,

    We want to display the hukamnamas and lines of path or kirtan which will be currently playing in our gurudwara. So can you please guide us as from Where and How to start?

    Gursewak Singh

  2. looking for custom Vbulletin modifcations
    skype: v2lethalips87
    If your free for a project πŸ™‚
    I am in the uk btw πŸ™‚

  3. We provide custom software development, software testing, database development, maintenance and other services related to web and software development. Please contact me for more information.

  4. Hi,

    We noticed your apps, and would like to talk to you about distributing your app on our channels and giving you our tools to help you market your app. neXva is a multi OS app store and solution provider for developers.

    Let us introduce ourselves.

    Firstly our traffic :

    We have our own store and also are in the process of finalizing deals with various regional powerhouses providing them with a white label app store. We have a deal with Airtel to launch progressively across various markets and we will be embedding on all HCL tablets an Android specific app store.

    We are currently in discussion with a number of other regional carriers as well, so stay tuned! These deals give us access to people who would normally not download or have not downloaded from Android Market.

    All together this means that downloads in the region are growing by leaps and bonds. We are experiencing 50% growth month on month. And are looking at hitting before the end of the year 500 k downloads a month.

    Secondly our tools :

    Firstly and especially of interest for the sub continent is that we support all languages and characters for Hindi, Bengali, Tamil… and even right to left languages like Urdu. This is using our tool neXpager which gives you a mobile landing page that displays all your apps compatible with a user’s device.

    We also have neXlinker which is a tool to promote your apps from a web page, email signature (like my own below) and even from a printed page.

    What is cool about these tools is that they cost… umm nothing. Yep totally FREE!

    We have lots of other developer facing tools that will help with monetization, marketing and tracking which will be progressively launched over the coming year. So stay tuned.

    So what do you have to do ?

    To upload your apps you have to become a cp first. To become a cp please visit and create an account free of charge (all our tools are FREE).

    Well talk to us and we can walk you through this. We can do the uploads for you so really it is super duper simple. Just pop me an email or skype (tharaka_nirmnana) me and let’s talk !

    Looking forward to working with you.

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